Microsclerotherapy Treatment

Microsclerotherapy is a technique for the removal of surface and spider veins. It involves injecting a drug into the veins using a very fine needle which irritates the lining of the veins causing the walls to stick together. Blood stops flowing through the veins, which are then absorbed by the body over a period of a few weeks. The blood is directed back to the deeper veins.


Following treatment, bruising can last from between two weeks to three months dependent of the size of the blood vessels treated.  The treated areas can look worse before they improve as a result of this bruising but with patience a good result is achieved. Occasionally thicker bruising may occur in larger veins.  This can remain for several months and may lead to a brown discolouration of the skin which can take up to a year to fade in a small number of cases.


Following treatment, specially measured high compression stockings are worn for up to two weeks and it is recommended that at least an eight week period is left between treatments in the same area.


60 - 70% of veins treated at a session usually disappear.  Most or all vessels treated during the course of microsclerotherapy will be removed. The rate of response differs between clients therefore the number of treatments and time taken to get to the final result are difficult to predict in advance. This will be discussed with you at an initial consultation.


More areas are susceptible to swelling, particular at the ankle and knee.  It is possible for some larger veins to become inflamed and the vessel can feel hard, warm and a little sore.  These symptoms resolve quickly and simple pain relief is recommended. Larger veins may require strong compassion for a little longer to minimise this potential issue.


Following treatment:

It is possible to drive immediately after a treatment

Gentle exercise can be resumed straight away, however it is recommended that swimming, running or vigorous exercise is not undertaken until compression stockings  are no longer required.

Air travel can be undertaken straight away so long as compression stockings are worn.  It is advisable to drink plenty of water.

Avoid standing still for long periods and feet should be kept elevated whist sitting.


Clients find that over time a few thread veins may appear and it is common for an annual or bi-annual review and top up to be required.

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Other FAQs


Please note: for all new clients an initial consultation followed by a cooling-off period is required prior to the procedure.

Can I have microsclerotherapy treatment if I have varicose veins?
No, unfortunately varicose veins may continue to 'feed' the tiny threads veins and they are likely to recur.

Can I have microsclerotherapy treatment if when I am pregnant?
No, pregnancy increases swelling in the vessels in your legs and increases the possibility of developing varicose veins

Can I have microsclerotherapy treatment if I have had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Pulmonary Embolus (PE) in the past?
No, whilst the risks of a DVT or PE following microsclerotherapy treatment is negligible, if you have had a previous DVT or PE your risk of a recurrence is higher than the general population and so it is recommended that microsclerotherapy treatment is not undertaken

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